Sheesha Finance

Meet Sheesha Finance, a hot and fiery DeFi Project!

Welcome to Sheesha Finance, where only the finest DeFi solutions are provided!

We are a team of DeFi experts who believe that many projects in the space do not provide full transparency and may not have the highest integrity. The team at Sheesha Finance is inspired to bring a powerful DeFi platform to the industry, one that is trusted, well-funded, and heavily supported by a strong community. We are here for the long haul and, as such, will be rolling out our implementation in phases to ensure everything is correct and safe for our users!‌

Participating in Sheesha Finance is a straightforward approach known as a liquidity generation event. This event allows anyone to participate by contributing ETH/BNB and receiving a portion of Liquidity Provision (LP) tokens in the process. These tokens can be staked and should be for a variety of benefits. There will be more about staking in a later article.