How to Participate in our LGEs (Ended)

The LGEs completed in April 2021

1. Ensure you have the Metamask wallet extension installed on your browser (Chrome is recommended).

2. Follow this link to learn more about Metamask and how to install it:

2a. The Metamask extension is required as it connects directly to our platform which provides access to your LGEs dashboard.

3. Head to Sheesha Finance’s website and click “LGEs (ETH)” or LGEs (BNB) depending on which one you want to contribute to. Select which LGE you would like to contribute to and connect your wallet.

4. Choose your chain on Metamask by clicking the “Connect to Wallet” button. If you do not have the Binance Smart Chain Network connected to your Metamask wallet (BSC), please follow this link to learn more on how to set it up:

7. MetaMask will pop-up and allow for transaction fees and speed to be selected, select fast for quick processing of the transaction on the chain (for Ethereum).

8. Metamask will pop-up and prompt you to confirm the transaction.

9. Once the transaction is confirmed, you will see a confirmation screen proving you have successfully participated in the LGEs and you can always check your transaction on Etherscan or BSCscan to make sure.

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