Rewards Process

Deposit your SHEESHA and LP — stake, lock and accrue your rewards, then claim!

Starting in early Q3 2021, and following the smart contract auditing, partner project tokens will be distributed every block via smart contracts to wallets staking SHEESHA & LP tokens on the Sheesha Finance platform.

When you stake SHEESHA and SHEESHA LP, you collect the partner tokens only for the price of the gas fees and grow your worth much faster than by holding a single token in your wallet alone.

Deposit your SHEESHA and LP — stake, lock and accrue your rewards, then claim!

What is staking? Staking is where you lock in your funds via smart contract in a staking pool, and the contract issues pro-rata rewards while your tokens are locked using an automated program with pre-programmed calculations to distribute.

Will rewards be distributed all at once? Token rewards will follow a vesting schedule. You will need to stake your tokens for the full period to receive your full pro-rata quota of rewards. You can stake your tokens any time to receive a proportional allocation of the tokens currently in distribution.

Do the rewards appear in my wallet? You will need to claim rewards and pay the transaction (gas) fee. Once this happens, the rewards will be transferred to your wallet via smart contract and you add the token address to your wallet so that the tokens are visible in Metamask.

Which chain will get rewards? Sheesha Finance is multichain, meaning that we have both ERC20 and BEP20 tokens. Whilst there may be some cross-chain projects (with tokens on both chains), most partner projects have their tokens on one chain only.

When we announce the new token smart contract distribution, we will let the community know which chain it is on.

How do I know how many rewards I will get? Each project has a different token swap agreement with Sheesha Finance. The new dashboard, launching soon, will have all the available information such as how many tokens will be distributed and the vesting schedule.

By looking at the total tokens staked, you will be able to estimate the approximate pro-rata amount that you will receive if the total tokens staked were to remain the same.

If I don’t have my tokens staked when distribution starts, will I miss out? As rewards will distribute every single block, you don’t have to have your tokens staked before the smart contract distribution starts to receive your pro-rata allocation.

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