Sheesha Finance


At Sheesha Finance, we value fair allocation of project tokens for building adoption of decentralized finance and an engaged community.
There are two Sheesha Finance chains, on ERC20 and BEP20.
Each chain was created with 100,000 tokens. 15,000 tokens on each chain were "burnt" during a smart contract migration event on both chains.
Whilst the fully diluted supply is 100,000 on both chains, only 85,000 of these tokens will be accessible to the team and community.
During the LGEs, 15,000 tokens on each chain were made available for liquidity and are staked as LP on Uniswap and Pancakeswap for 24 months from April 2021 with fees to unstake beginning at 96% and decreasing by 4% every month.
Sheesha Finance native token rewards are distributed every network block.
Via the staking contracts each chain has available for 24 months from April 2021: - 10,000 SHEESHA token rewards for wallets staking single-sided SHEESHA tokens - 20,000 SHEESHA token rewards for wallets staking SHEESHA-LP tokens (tokens created by combining SHEESHA and ETH/BNB to an equal value on a DEX and then staked on the Sheesha platform.)
After the end of the 24 month period from the LGE, staking rewards will continue via redistribution of unstaking fees in order to reward and incentivise the staking community.
At Sheesha Finance, we know how important it is to advocate decentralized finance and build an engaged community. So we have allocated 10,000 tokens on both chains for marketing. These will be used for: - Ambassadors programs - Event sponsorships - Pitch-day events prizes - Advertising - Bounties - Influencer Marketing
A further 10,000 tokens are for team, legal costs, advisors, and ongoing development.
The token reserve of 20,000 tokens on both chains is for token swaps wth partner projects as we fund the revolution in DeFi.