Investment Strategy

Innovation possibilities excite us but we strategically make investments that are grounded in reality.

Our team analyses the long term potential of a blockchain project to be a leader in its field. We consider whether the project is disrupting the competition and providing innovative and long-lasting solutions for the end-user with an operational minimal viable product.

There is an overflow of DeFi projects with teams that have never worked in financial services that are entering the market from a pure technology perspective. Their teams face the disadvantage of learning on the job and risk repeating fundamental mistakes due to misunderstandings about how the financial system actually works.

Like startups in general, there are blockchain projects that fail and those that succeed. Blockchain projects are vulnerable to all the same issues that general startups are vulnerable to, except that they face even more challenges to their survival post-runway, including smart contract vulnerability, falling foul of regulations and vulnerability to hacks.

Our target is the sweet spot where the team has extensive experience in their target industry (i.e. if it’s an e-health project, they have a background in healthcare), and are also DeFi and crypto native, weathering the crypto industry’s ups and downs for a number of years. We are also on the lookout for projects that allow for a degree of compliance within DeFi as if we want to bring in institutional investments, we want regulators to be confident about the space.

For us to invest in a project, the team must successfully complete many steps in the investment process.Only the best make it through. We are opposed to rug pulling, fly by nights, and pumping and dumping. We are looking to invest only in projects that are here to make the largest impact possible in their domain.

Our aim is to always be at least 6 to 12 months ahead of the market. Because of our founder’s long term involvement as a VC, our network of OG advisors and our partnerships with blockchain venture studios, Sheesha Finance is well placed to receive unrivalled access to deal flow.

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