Unstaking Fees

We aim to incentivise loyal participants in the Sheesha Finance ecosystem, with unstaking fees distributed to our community of committed investors who keep staking on the platform through bull and bear.

Fees are only incurred after unstaking your LP tokens from our platform. Fees get redistributed to SHEESHA and LP stakers with rewards every block. You do not get taxed for claiming your partner rewards, SHEESHA rewards, or NFTs.

SHEESHA Unstaking Fees:

Unstaking Sheesha Finance native tokens is subject to a stable 4% tax, which will go towards maintaining a sustainable supply of SHEESHA staking rewards.

LP Unstaking Fees:

Fees are only incurred upon unstaking your LP tokens from our platform.

  • 1st month 96% tax

  • 2nd month 92% tax

  • 3rd month 88% tax

  • tax reduces by 4% monthly until month 24 onwards where it will be fixed at 4%

  • ETH/BNB from the tax will be used to buy Sheesha Finance native tokens. Sheesha Finance native tokens from tax and Sheesha Finance native tokens bought using taxed ETH/BNB will be put into LP rewards.

Please be mindful of these fees before unstaking LP tokens as they cannot be reversed. Our Telegram community is always here to answer your concerns.

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