The Opportunity

Sheesha Finance is a tokenized mutual fund created to support the explosion of Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

Sheesha Finance is a tokenized mutual fund created to support the explosion of Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

Our vision is that 1 billion people will have shifted to DeFi by 2030, radically transforming wealth distribution globally.

With years of hands-on experience supporting new crypto projects as a VC, our team witnessed what worked and what didn’t. We saw many promising projects fail, not because the team or product failed but because securing liquidity on secondary markets was incredibly challenging.

Project teams waste an enormous amount of time and money with exchanges, market-makers, and crypto influencers just so their investors feel safe that their investments will not depreciate due to thinly traded tokens. More importantly, projects can tap into our network of resources to help accelerate their progress.

With Sheesha Finance, we aim to solve the problems project founders encounter in a unique, user-friendly, community-driven and fair manner.

We are committed to making sure that promising projects don’t fall through the cracks due to the inherent issues around ensuring liquidity.

With Sheesha Finance, founders can focus on what they do best - building new technology - while we take care of their liquidity needs, providing a tokenized treasury they can use to sustainability fund their projects’ development.

In exchange, our project partners provide SHEESHA holders a stake in their future by rewarding them with their project tokens.

At Sheesha Finance, we are forming partnerships that guide the future expansion of DeFi over traditional finance markets. Traditional financial services are centrally controlled with high fees paid to financial corporations. These benefit shareholders only. In contrast, the blockchain and peer to peer DeFi network’s distributed ledger technology removes the middle-man, allowing for greater efficiency. This the costs of participation across the network, creating mutual profit for all stakeholders.

When you join the Sheesha Finance community, you benefit from and contribute to DeFi’s future development.

The World Economic Forum reports DeFi represents a multi-trillion-dollar opportunity. The market opportunity is estimated as $866.9 trillion:

  • Asset management and fund administration: $89 trillion

  • Equity markets: $95 trillion

  • Debt markets: $106 trillion

  • Securitized products: $10 trillion

  • Derivatives: $560 trillion

  • Securities financing and repurchase agreements: $4 trillion

  • Securities lending: $2.9 trillion


However, there is no agreed-upon path for market-wide adoption and we are a long way from seeing adoption at scale. With our experience in traditional finance and blockchain, the team at Sheesha Finance aim to play a leading role in creating the vision for global adoption.

As a member of our community, you have a front-row seat to show-stopping commercial opportunities from the most promising DeFI projects.

We are well aware that our community is central to Sheesha’s success. For this reason, as we build Sheesha Finance into a robust enterprise, we intend to distribute all investment-related decisions and create a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Our team will provide sound advice, but, ultimately, Sheesha Finance’s future of DeFi will be in your hands.

SHEESHA tokens are tradeable on DEXs (decentralized exchanges) with centralized exchanges in the roadmap. Token value is tied to the Sheesha Finance platform’s activity level.

We can’t wait to work with you and diversify the flavours of the tokenized world for all to enjoy!

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